Terms and Conditions

  • By selecting "agree", you affirm that you are an individual with the capacity to apply your Coton de Tulear and kennel for breeder status with the mCTCA and have read and will abide by the mCTCA's Code of Ethics.
  • By selecting "agree", you understand that this form is submitted electronically and the electronic signature you provide is acceptable in use to this contract.
  • By selecting "agree", you understand that there is no guarantee of acceptance into the mCTCA as a breeder by this application submition.
  • You also affirm that all information supplied is to the best of your knowledge is accurate.  If this application is accepted and you are currently a member of another Coton de Tulear club it is required to remove yourself from that club and belong soley to the mCTCA.
  • As well, you do understand that both you and the mCTCA will be emailed a reasonable facsimilie of this submition with no changes to the data entered.