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Coton de TulearThere are now different breeds of dog sold in the United States as the "Coton de Tulear".

The Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America (mCTCA) is the worlds oldest Coton club and registry, having been founded in 1976.   The mCTCA introduced to North America the rare, original, Madagascar Coton de Tulear breed which was developed over centuries on the island of Madagascar as a small, intelligent, muscular, laid-back, companion class dog.  mCTCA Madagascar Royal Coton de Tulears may only be acquired through mCTCA Code of Ethics Breeders which has the longest enforced Code of Ethics and mandatory health testing in the Coton world.  We always support the dogs we help create.

Also sold as Coton de Tulears are the European FCI as well as the AKC breeds.  The FCI Coton is a breed whose modern creators strive to make into a tiny, all white, toy dog.  Many European Cotons have been mixed with Maltese and Bishon Friese.  They were bred by the thousands and imported to North America in the mid 1990's.  The AKC Cotons appear to be going down a similar path where they are bred to specificities which are not true to their origins...for example, as only a white dog.  As well, the AKC is historically associated with puppy mills which historically points to a weakening of the genetic integrity and health of this wonderful breed.  The mCTCA does not support the European FCI, AKC, or any other Coton organization that creates a breed "standard" void of many of the Coton de Tulears traits as found in Madagascar.

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