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Coton de Tulear Club ofAmerica Forms for Code of Ethics Breeders

The CTCA maintains the oldest, continuously activeCoton de Tulear registry in the world. It was begun in 1973, and itnow contains the names, the pedigrees, and a wealth of health,conformation, and genetical information about more than 2,800individual Cotons that live in North America and elsewhere.

Only a CTCA Code of Ethics Breeder can register apuppy with the CTCA. This page is online to provide forms for thosebreeders. If you are a CTCA Code of Ethics Breeder, you need to useONE Form 1 for the litter and one Form 2 for EACH puppy in thatlitter. You may, view, download and print out the necessary forms byclicking on the appropriate links below:

FORM 1 (for litter) and ....

FORM 2 (for each puppy in the litter)

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