Breeder's Information Form/Code of Ethics Agreement

Please print out this form. Complete, sign and date itand mail to:

Dr. R.J. Russell, The CTCA, PO Box 600, Windsor, NY13865

I have read the Coton de Tulear Club of America's [CTCA] Codeof Ethics, 3.15.04 revision, with special attention to all therevisions, and I hereby agree to fully comply with the Code.



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KENNEL NAME:______________________________________________

Mailing Address:




Address you want listed on the CTCA's web site, stateas above or:




If you only want your town and state listed, put a check here:_________

Telephone: __________________________________________

Cell Phone: _________________________________________

Fax: ________________________________________________

eMAIL for listing: __________________________________

eMAIL for CTCA breeder's list:______________________________________

Web site URL* (if applicable):_______________________________________

(*please have a link to the CTCAweb site

DATE: ___________________________

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