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Madagascar Coton De Tulear Club, the original rare royal dog of Madagascar established in 1976
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Akory e Tompoko! Salame Tompoko!


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I. BASIC INFORMATION about the Coton de Tulear:

Intro to the Breed

A Brief History of the Breed

Watch Coton Pups Develop!!

The Standard

II. GETTING ESSENTIAL INFORMATION & HELP about the Coton de Tulear: (Important Tip: Learn BEFORE you buy -- caveat emptor!)

THE Official Book & the Coton News Magazine

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Headline News!

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Make sure you read our information about how to acquire a Coton de Tulear. There are now many puppymills, unscrupulous breeders and European puppy importers taking advantage of people interested in this breed, so BEWARE!!!


How to Acquire a Coton (click for up-to-date BREEDER's LIST and CRITICAL THINGS you should know BEFORE you buy a Coton de Tulear)

V. ETHICS, Forms and Health Tests:

How To Register Your Coton -- The Coton de Tulear Club of America Pedigree and Registration Certificate are the standard by which other registries are judged. Make sure your puppy can be registered with the CTCA BEFORE you buy it. ONLY a CTCA Code of Ethics Breeder can register a pup they whelped with the CTCA. New Forms (for Breeders only) and Requirements for HEALTH TESTING your Potentially Breedable Coton before the CTCA can reclassify it to BREEDABLE status.

The Code of Ethics -- The CTCA's Code of Ethics is famous throughout the dog fancy. It is the strictest set of rules governing the treatment of Cotons available anywhere. The CTCA's Code of Ethics is aimed at preserving the breed and protecting individual Cotons through empowering and educating the potential buyer in his/her dealings with breeders. We invite you to compare Codes of Ethics and to question whether or not a breeder you are considering subscribes to this Code of Ethics or to one that provides the breed with little or no protection. The choice is yours.

VI. VELOMA (means "Good-bye for now" in Malagasy): we hope you will stop back and join us often. This site is updated frequently. Remember: you can contact us at any time...

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