CTCA Pups Available Now, Pictured!

These pups from a CTCA Code of Ethics Breeders' are now available to the best of our knowledge, as of April 8th, 2011:

Gina Detterich of Mon Ami Cotons, Califoirnia, has this wonderful male available for a suitable home. She describes him as the "sweetist, cuddlliest Coton we have ever had at our house" -- and he surely looks the part! You can email her at: Mon Ami Cotons or call 714-633-3219

Mon Ami male puppy 1


Mon Ami male puppy 2

And from the East Coast of the United States comes Maine's Laurie and David Arguin, Wyndamere Dream Cotons(207-975-2406), spinwool@roadrunner.com. There are three males, one Tri-color, and one female Black & White puppy...

Wyndamere Dream Cotons Pups, 4/8/11

More pups coming soon!

We hope you enjoyed this puppy picture. There are other CTCA Code of Ethics Breeders with PUPS AVAILABLE right now but we've not gotten their pictures up as yet. Please visit them at the Coton de Tulear Club of America website, just CLICK HERE!


Contact details for more than three dozen CTCA Code of Ethics Breeders are on the CTCA web site (www.CotonClub.org). Please contact and interview as many as possible during your quest for a purebred, genuine, original Malagasy Coton de Tulear. CTCA Breeders breed only genuine, purebred Cotons. The CTCA does not promote any CTCA Breeder above any other CTCA Breeder. All produce meritorious Cotons that are a pleasure to welcome into the growing CTCA population.

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