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We recommend that you read the important buyer's information immediately below, but if you've seen it before, you can go straight to a listing of mCTCA Breeders by clicking HERE.

This is the web page where you will exclusively find the Madagascar Coton de Tulear's very best breeders! But first, please Consider the Acquisition of a Coton de Tulear (or any pet) with great care...

A Coton can live more than 16 years. He or she will be a family member who requires your love and attention for a long, long time. You may wish to consider buying "The Official Coton de Tulear Book, 2nd Edition CD-ROM" before you order a Coton. This book will tell you virtually all you need to know to make a Coton part of your family and to keep a Coton healthy and happy throughout its long life (please go to: THE Book & the Coton Newsletter).

NOTE that there are currently at least THREE different, separate, dog breed populations with separate Standards sporting the name "Coton de Tulear." There's the ORIGINAL "Madagsacar Coton de Tulear" (which we exclusively support here as the mCTCA); there's the "EuroCoton" or "French Coton de Tulear" (e.g., supported by the FCI-French kennel club), and there's the brand new "AKC Coton de Tulear" (highly controversial and opposed by most Coton de Tulear fans). You will find only Madagascar Coton de Tulear dogs and breeders on this web site!

In the mCTCA Breeders List that follows, we have noted the date the kennel or breeding program was founded. All breeders will produce both Not Breedable Quality [must be neutered] and Potentially Breedable Quality [must be health tested after 1 year of age] Cotons (for more information about the differences, see Pet versus Breedable Quality).We have included telephone numbers and email addresses in the listings as well as web sites and FaceBook pages (when applicable).

Should you wish to email a breeder directly from here, just click on their address. Be sure to mention that you were referred to them through the mCTCA's Madagascar Coton News & Information Network.


mCTCA Code of Ethics Breeders:

Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana • Iowa Kentucky Maryland MassachussettsMichigan Minnesota Missouri New Jersey

New YorkNorth Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas Virginia Washington (state) • West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Below is a listing of current mCTCA Code of Ethics Breeders sorted by state. These breeders are only found within the mCTCA and are nowhere else. To the best of our knowledge it is current for all mCTCA breeders to October 20th, 2017. In fact, we are always editing the mCTCA website to keep it useful and current. If you have questions and don't see it here, give us a call: (607) 693-2828 or drop us an email:


This month we welcome new mCTCA Code of Ethics Breeders whose important work in preserving the gene pool of this rare breed is deeply appreciated. They are noted below as "NEW!" Congratulations!

Columbia Gorge Cotons. Debbie Newman, Fairview, Oregon & Arizona [telephone 503-793-2101]. Columbia Gorge's Wolf of Dodgeville Cotons, a Black & White Coton, is available at stud to a qualified mCTCA female. Established in 2007, and - Stud available! (Qualified STUD DOGs)

Campus Farm Cotons. Jessica Stahl, Tucson, Arizona, [cell phone: 623-565-9541]. Established in 2016.

Estrella Mountain Cotons. Kathi Terrell, Prescott, Arizona [telephone 623-703-3341]. Established in 2012.-- Stud dog available (Qualified STUD DOGs).

CALIFORNIA (go back to states)

Jill Armbrust Cotons. SanFrancisco, California. [415-283-6438; fax: 415-673-7854] Established 2017. -- New!

Sunshine Cotons. Rénee C. Artim, Palmdale, California. [tel: 661-538-9344; cell - (661) 618-2864] Established, 2010. NOT BREEDING AT THIS TIME.

Surf City Cotons Cotons, Laura Delgado & Rhonda Krietemeyer, Fountian Valley, California. , Established, 2015.

Classy Malagasy Cotons, Carol Gradin, Rocklin, California. [tel: (925) 785-1365 (cell)],, Established, 2013.

Coco Cotons, Amalia Gradin-Klug, Galt, California. [tel: (925) 640-1869 (cell)] Established, 2010.

Causeway Cotons, Alexander & Cheryl McQuikin, Corona, California 92882. [tel: (951) 532-3311; (949)-892-7118 (cell)] Established, 2017. Stud dog available.

Kolosky Cotons, Tina M. & Drew J. Kolosky, Bakersfield, California. [tel: 661-203-1741] Established, 2004. or -- Stud dog available (Qualified STUD DOGs) No puppies available.

Chico Cotons, Karen Montana, Chico, California. [tel: (530) 899-8222] Established, 2010. - Stud dog available to qualified mCTCA bitches. (Qualified STUD DOG)


Pinkerton Cotons, Jeannine Pinkerton, Harbor Pines, California. [tel: 310-325-3702; cell: 310-344-0617; fax: 310-539-1562] Established, 2013. -- Stud dog (only) available. (Qualified STUD DOG)




COLORADO (go back to states)


Steve & Julie Horn, No pups available; Ditto Fito of Alika Cotons available to stud to qualified mCTCA females. Silverthorne, Colorado. [303-345-4386 (cell)] Established, 2006. -- Stud dog only. (Qualified STUD DOGs)


Magiclands Ranch Cotons, Tim & Michele Crockett, Kiowa, Colorado [cell tel: 303-013-7636], may be able to deliver most places in the US.; Established, 2004.

Rocky Mountain Cotons. Christine & Jeffrey Thompson, Colorado. (303) 912-2671; Established, 2007. -- Stud dog available (Qualified STUD DOGs)




FLORIDA (go back to states)


Park Avenue Cotons. Lee Smith, Winter Park, Florida, tel: (407) 644-4603; cell: (407) 760-3231. Established 2008 - (no pups currently available)

Rose Cottage Cotons. Jane Ellen & Carl Zimmerman, Bradenton, Florida. [tel: 941-730-0194]. Established: 2013,

South Beach Cotons, Brian Harris STUD DOG ONLY -- Preserved sperm, successfully fathered two mCTCA litters, (917) 225-2846; email: (Qualified STUD DOGs)

Crabapple Crossing Cotons. CC Spiliotis-Hill. Alpharetta, Georgia. Established: 1998, [tel: 201-927-9426; cell: 407-949-1553]. and - Stud dogs available! (Qualified STUD DOGs);


IDAHO (go back to states)


Midnight in Madagascar Linda Wiklund, Idaho. [tel: (208) 629-6296]. Established 1998.

Treasure Valley Malagasy Cotons (TVM) Adriane L.E. Goyen, Idaho. [tel: (208) 917-1238; (208-629-9970]. ; Established 1998.

Blue Mountain Cotons, Jim & Carol Crumly, Boise, Idaho 83713 [tel. (208) 866-6970]. Established 2004. and

Kelsey Creek Cotons, Jon C. Powell, Emmett, Idaho [tel. (208) 369-1200]. Established 2011.

Rowdy Rivers Cotons, Tamara & Marvin Thomas. Eagle, Idaho. [208-630-4600, cell] Established 2014 Stud dog only, Sweet Marvlus Rowdy of Columbia Gorge Cotons. - Stud dogs available! (Qualified STUD DOGs)


ILLINOIS (go back to states)


Sauganash Woods Cotons, Elizabeth K. Dammeyer, Chicago, Illinois. Established 2007.

Crunchy Cookie Cotons, Kevin & Josie Kwiecinski, Waukegan, IL. [tel: 847-625-1972; text only to: 847-922-1051] Established 2012. and

Great Lakes Cotons. Patricia J. Orth, Chicgo area, Illinois, cell: (708) 280 6524 Established 2007. Lincoln, available for stud, has produced some Tall Cotons; PUPS expected, August, 2017!


INDIANA (go back to states)





KENTUCKY (go back to states)


Cotons on the Cumberland, Kelli H. Paris, Somerset, Kentucky [cell: (606) 219-7585]; Established 2010;




Classic Cotons. Jolene Strack, Marriotsville, Maryland. [tel: (479) 233-0507]. mail@classiccotons.comestablished 2013. -- Stud Dog Available.(Qualified STUD DOGs)


MASSACHUSSETTS (go back to states)


Thotful Spot Coton, Margaret A. Becker, Holyoke, Massachusetts, [tel: 413-530-8341] Esablished 2012.

Kate's Malagasy Cotons, Kathryn M. MacLaughlin, Somerville, Massachusetts, [tel: 617-776-3489; cell: 617-548-8756] Established 2012.



MICHIGAN (go back to states)


MINNESOTA (go back to states)

Bononoka (Gentle) Cotons. Peg and Mike Carls, Minnesota[tel: 320-587-7389; cell: 218-831-4623]; Established, 2011, Stud dog only; Zoky Bitaka of Kolosky Cotons -- a Tall, Black & White Coton -- is available to qualified mCTCA females.-- Tall, Black & White stud (only). Qualified STUD DOGs

Diana Raab, Cotons. Champlain, Minnesota, ; cell: 763-222-9669; Established, 2017.



MISSOURI (go back to states)


NEW JERSEY (go back to states)


RiAl Cotons, Barbara Gebbia, Tom's River, New Jersey, [tel. 732-473-1408] Established 2006. and Tall! Stud dog only, no pups available. -- Stud dog only (Qualified STUD DOGs)

Adorable Cotons, Denise A. & Patrick M. Lee, Closter, New Jersey, [tel:201-750-8177; 551-404-5111, cell] Established 2015

Heart n Soul Cotons, Patricia Scalici, Howell, New Jersey, [732-276-7021; 908-433-1526] Established 2015


NEW MEXICO (go back to states)


LuliTaboolie Malagasy Cotons, Mari M. Rubens, Farmington, New Mexico, [tel: 505-258-4250; cell - 530-263-7072] or; Website under construction. Established 2016


NEW YORK (go back to states)


Cucurullo Cotons, Sylvia Cucurullo, Bethpage, New York, [tel: 516-938-9165; cell - 516-286-6157] Established 2008 -- Stud dog(Qualified STUD DOGs)

Hampton Square Cotons, Debra Hermann, Franklin Square, New York, [tel: 516-358-6075; 516-697-7878] Email: DH1066A@AOL.COM, Facebook: Established 2013.

Alika Cotons. Dr. Robert Jay Russell & Laurie Spalding, located in southern New York (delivering to nearby states, NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, etc.). [tel: 607-693-2828]. Established: 1974. and

Happy Tails Cotons, Kim Matsko-Stein, Franklin Square, New York, [tel: 516-270-2434 ] Established 2006. and -- Stud available! (Qualified STUD DOGs)

NORTH CAROLINA (go back to states)

Windy Ridge Cotons, Kelly Ricer, Weddington, North Carolina, [tel: (704) 256-3056] Established 2006.



OREGON (go back to states)


Click Cotons, Patricia A. Clickener, Tualatin, Oregon [tel: (503) 484-8570], Established: 2013. Stud dog only available.


Columbia Gorge Cotons. Debbie Newman, Fairview, Oregon & Arizonia [telephone 503-793-2101]. Columbia Gorge's Wolf of Dodgeville Cotons, a Black & White Coton, is available at stud to a qualified mCTCA female. Established in 2007, and - Stud available! (Qualified STUD DOGs)


Sunset Cove Cotons, Bev Stolen, P.O. Box 98, Cove, Oregon 97824 [tel: 541-568-4800; cell: 541-910-4900], Established: 1995



(go back to states)

TENNESSEE (go back to states)

Chilhowee Cotons, Rachel & John A.Rogers, Benton, Tennessee, [tel: 423-599-9785], Established 2012. Stud Dog avaialble only; Frozen sperm available!

Michael & Sue Ann Savage, Cookeville, Tennessee, [tel: 931-239-4575], Established 2017. Stud Dog avaialble only

TEXAS (go back to states)


Bluebonnet Cotons, Karen Goble, Spring, Texas [tel: 281-794-6139] Established, 2010. and

Goble Cotons, William Harvey Goble, Houston, TX, [tel: (281-547-8524]; established 2010; Stud service only available; see his photo on -- Stud dog only available! (Qualified STUD DOGs).

Great Hills Cotons, Glenda Shetler, Austin, TX, [tel: (512) 996-8004]; established 2013,
Not breeding at this time!

Violet Crown Cotons, Kelly Harris. Austin, Texas. Established 2017. -- New!



VIRGINIA (go back to states)



Albemarle Cotons, Susan James, PO Box 313, North Garden, Virginia 22959-0313 [tel: (434) 466-3835];, established 2001.


Hanover Cotons, Deona Gravatt, Doswell, Virginia [804-883-6150; cell: (804) 218-3673];, established 2008 and


Happy Creek Cotons, Stephanie Davis. Linden, Virginia.[540-364-6963; cell, 703-899-9005] Established, 2014. also


Long Cotons, Beth H. Long. Richmond, Virginia.[804-790-4007; cell, 804-334-2927] Established, 2015. -- Stud dog only available! (Qualified STUD DOGs) - NEW!


Heavenleigh Cotons, Kelli Michelle McDaniel. Richmond, Virginia.[804-894-0466] Established, 2015. -- Stud dog only available! (Qualified STUD DOGs) - NEW!


WASHINGTON (go back to states)



Salmon Creek Cotons, Becky & Greg Olsen, Vancouver, Washington, [cell: 360-991-9617], Established 2002. and


WEST VIRGINIA (go back to states)


WISCONSIN (go back to states)


Lake Superior Cotons, Susan K. Sabre, PO Box 416, La Pointe, Wisconsin 54850. [tel: 715-209-8470] Established 2013.



Raboin Cotons, Cheryl Raboin, Tarrington, Wyoming. [tel: 307-532-1543] Re-established 2013 -- Stud dog only! (Qualified STUD DOGs)

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Stud dogs

If you are an mCTCA Code of Ethics breeder and are looking for a qualified male to breed to your mCTCA female, click on the link (below)...

Qualified STUD DOGs


...more Code of Ethics breeders expected soon.


Click to order "The Official Coton de Tulear Book, 2nd Edition, CD ROM for Mac & Windows."


Recently RETIRED mCTCA BREEDERS, 2008-2017:

mCTCA Code of Ethics Breeders contribute to the health of the gene pool and help and guide their puppy owners. As time passes, and their beloved Cotons age, they often make the decision to retire them. We appreciate their service to the Madagascar Coton de Tulear breed and wish them and their Madagascar Cotons happiness in their retirement. Of course the mCTCA remains supportive of them and their progeny. We congratulate the recent retirees!

Laurie Arguin, Wyndamere Dream Cotons

Gay Nell Ashenhurst, Ashenhurst Cotons, Wyoming

Lanell Ashenhurst, Ashlan Cotons

Mary Bemis, Blue River Cotons, Indiana

Debby Bolton, Tustin Ranch, Idaho

Hiawatha Cotons, Ann M. & Thom Carlson, Michigan

Carol Cassano, Penny's From Heaven Cotons

Karen Chiles, CanCan Cotons of San Diego

Karyn Contino, Contino Cotons, California and Colorado

Cherie Cunnigham, Preston Hollow Cotons, Texas

Mary Ann & Don Crowe, Crow's Nest Cotons, Kentucky

Vickie Daniel, West Daniel Cotons

Barbara B. Davis, Teays Valley Cotons, West Virginia

Gina Detterich, Mon Ami Cotons

Dodgeville Cotons, Kathy Dodge, Wisconsin

Laurie Parkhill Ecker, Tar Heel Cotons

Show Me Cotons, Diane Estep, Missouri

Lisa Fairhurst Cotons, California

Sandy Fencik, Home Sweet Home Cotons, Illinois

Jane M. Foster, Queen City Cotons, Minnesota

Rebecca A.Francis, Olywa Cotons

Carrie & Christopher Funk, Cute N Cuddly Cotons

Shannon Garmon, Shannon Garmon Cotons

Sheri Grant, Orenco Cotons

Nancy Harbach

Dr. Nancy L. Johnson, DVM, Cotons from the Enchanted Hills

Kimberly A. Kay, Westbrook Cotons, West Virginia

Ann Kitchin, Oak Hill Cotons, California

Ellen & Mike Lancaster, Mad Max Pups

Gail & Matthew Healey, South Paw Cotons

Kristen Hudson, Sunflower Valley Cotons

Gary Kasserman

Trudy D. Leupold, Oregon Tail Cotons, Oregon

Mark J. Losher, Losher Cotons

Melissa Lagusis, Chez Nous Cotons, California

Mariana Mabry, Cabochon Cotons, Texas

Maria McGorrey, Georgia

Greta Michels, Shady Oaks Cotons

Lori & Bob Miller, Hoosier Hearts Cotons

Christine Miller, Total Eclipse of the Heart Cotons

John Molnar & Peter Heggie, Sweet Dreams Cotons

Peggy M. Moore, Moore the Merrier, Inc, Oregon

Nancy R. Mott, Napa Valley Cotons, California

Bonnie Norris, Rogue Valley Cotons, Oregon

Cheri Ordou, Mon Cheri Cotons, Texas

Darrell and Christina Panza, Panza Cotons, Massachusetts

Emily Peizer, Winsome Cotons, Kansas

Vernon & Magda Pugh, Cuddliest Cotons, North Carolina

Karen & Lex Mann, Pamlico Cotons, North Carolina

Cherl Rider, Milk Creek Cotons, Oregon

The Richardsons, Merry Hearts, Ontario, Canada

Caroline W. Rupp, C & C Cotons, New York

Stephen & Ann Schwartz, Red Rock Cotons, Arizona

Dr. John Sashko, Oakbrook Cottage

Lori Sheppard, Dakota Hills Cotons

Kathleen Seagraves, Nirthcost Cotons, Ohio

Karin J. Scarlett, Scarlett's Cotons

Angie Scher, Chateau de Bella Fluffy Cotons

Jessica Shurtleff, Leela Cotons, West Virginia

James & Cynthia Simmons, White Lake Cotons, Michegan

Susan Sweeney, Manhattan Beach Cotons

Thalia B. & Norman Terrell, Mohely's Cotons

Crystal-Lee G. Trudeau, Teacher's Pet Cotons, Rhode Island

Billie Jo Urich, Iowa

Beverly Vandayburg, Vandayburg's Southern Cotons, Texas

Alisa & Danny Wamble, Music City Cotons, Tennessee

Rick & Char Weaver, Vista Ridge Cotons

Christine & Mike West, Monarch Bay Cotons, CA

Melani Wilson, Liberty Mills Cotons, Indiana

Carole Yoneda, Tavy's Tots


If you would like to become a CTCA Code of Ethics Breeder, participate in the Breeder's Program, and gain the help of the CTCA in determining the probable genetics of your Coton de Tulear, then mating, whelping, carefully raising and placing high quality, excellent temperamented Coton pups, please give us a call (607-693-2828).


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