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The CTCA's acclaimed Coton de Tulear News is the best way to keep up with the breed. This publication is filled with expert health, genetic, grooming, behavioral, and historical information exclusively about the breed. Whether you are a new owner, an experienced Coton fancier, or someone considering the purchase of a Coton, this news magazine has important information for you. The Coton de Tulear News is 46 or more pages of useful information an issue. THERE ARE NO ADs or Breeder Show Boasts, so it is all information, all the time. Articles are professionally produced exclusively for the Coton de Tulear News and appear no where else in the world.

The "Coton de Tulear News" is the oldest and longest-running newsletter in the Coton de Tulear world. It is available now in only a CD Rom edition. It has professionally-produced, all color, all original, in-depth articles about all aspects of the Coton breed. Articles have included: children's Coton poems, exploring the graves and settlements of the pirates of Madagascar (who introduced Cotons to the Island), health alerts and rescue information, the Malagasy people, exploring the forests, deserts and jungles of Madagascar, the first Cotons, understanding Coton genetics, behavioral problems, how to photograph your Coton (and share the pictures on the internet), clicker training, safe dog foods, Coton owners and their stories, Coton fiction, reviews of dog products, dog books, dog magazines and Malagasy imports, Coton tales, cloning Cotons, Coton parties, parting humor shots, exposes of Coton puppymills, the two different Coton breeds sold in America, Coton rescues, and much, much more.

The CTCA's subscriber-only newsletter contains NO advertisements is available to anyone regardless of club affiliation or not, who has any breed or even just dog lovers who have only a cat, fish or gerbil! Order information is at the end of this article.

The feature-packed back issues of the Coton de Tulear News cost only $50 for six back issues of the newsletter PLUS the 1,100 page "The Official Coton de Tulear Book" mailed First Class anywhere in the world. The newsletter is available in CD ROM only...

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Read the world's best, most informative Coton book! The 2nd Edition of the famous Coton book is a greatly revised, expanded, colorful CD ROM.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning (35 pages)

Dedication - Rights, Licenses, Fair Use & so forth - Publisher's Information - Foreword to the First Edition by Roger A. Caras - Preface to the Second Edition - Features of this Book, 2nd Edition - A Pavane for Roger Caras - Acknowledgements, 2nd Edition - About the Authors - Preface to the First Edition

Chapter 2 - The Basics (132 pages)

Cheaper by the Pound? - What Purebreed is Right for You? - What is a Coton? - Are You Allergic to Dogs? - Where Should You Buy a Purebred Dog? - Which Gender Should You Choose? - Financial Considerations - Lifetime Commitments - Coton Bonding and Your Family - Cotons and Children - Grooming Requirements - Health and Temperament Issues - Time, Training & Exercise Commitments - Toilet - Space and Safety Requirements - Clean Up Poisons and Hazards - Burrs and Seed Hazards - Cotons Drown in Pools and Hot Tubs - Cotons Can Be Stolen - Multiple Cotons and Cotons and Other Pets - The Breeder's Dilemmas - A Coton: Your Most Rewarding Dependent

How to Acquire a Coton de Tulear - Buying: a Coton From an Importer - Buying: Some Breeders are Highly Unethical - Buying: From a CTCA Breeder - Buying: From a Non-CTCA Breeder - Buying: Questions to Ask a Breeder - Buying: Questions a Breeder will Ask You - Buying: Understanding Contracts and Kennel Policies - Buying: a Sample Contract - Buying: Should You Visit the Breeder Before You Buy? - Buying: the Ordering Process - Buying: the Possibility of an Older, Rescued Coton - Buying: Patience, Patience, Patience - Things to Do After You've Ordered Your Puppy - Talk to Your Breeder - Preparing House and Yard - Finding a Veterinarian & Training Class - Where to Buy Puppy and Dog Supplies - Buying Toys - Buying Kennel (or Crate) - Buying a "Sherpa" Bag - Buying Grooming Supplies - Picking Up Your Puppy

Things To Do Now That You've Got Your Puppy Home: Puppy's First Days at Your Home - Puppy's First Year - An Owner's Feelings About Her Coton

Chapter 3 - An Introduction to the Coton de Tulear Breed (40 pages)

A Description - Health and Longevity - Personality and Intelligence - Type Differences&emdash;Malagasy, North American, & European - Mistaken Identities - Demographics

Chapter 4 - History (73 pages)

The Most Exotic Isle on Earth - All the People of the EarthÉ - The Vazaha Arrive - The Breed's Many, Very Ancient Roots - The Coton and the Hunting Dog - The Colonial Era - Conflicting Standards are Created - Cotons Come to North America - The Oakshade Kennel Years - The CTCA is Founded - The Code of Ethics - Cotons On-Line - Coton Conventions - Current CTCA Breeders in North America - CTCA Code of Ethics Breeders - The Cotons of the CTCA - Millennium Coton Club Confusion - The AKC Enters the Fray: Slouching Towards Bethlehem - Canadian Club Chaos - Should Coton Clubs Unite? - an Essay by Laurie Spalding - The CTCA Coton Rescue - A Coton Rescue Gallery

Chapter 5 - Standard (34 pages)

Standards in Conflict - Basic Coton de Tulear Structure - Movement, Structure, Health & Achondroplasia - The CTCA's Coton de Tulear Standard - Some Examples of the CTCA Standard in Use - Controversies About Size, Color, and Tail Carriage - A Standard is Important But . . .

Chapter 6 - Grooming (51 pages)

About Coton Hair - Basic Grooming Tools - Grooming Mats and Removing Dense Hair - Hope Richardson on Mats - Choice of Shampoos - Shampooing - Cleaning the Ears and Around the Eyes - Hope Richardson on Staining of the Coat - Trimming Hair Above the Eyes

Trimming the Hair Near the Anus - Trimming the Hair Around the Foot Pads - To Shave or Puppy Cut or Not - Trimming Nails - Selecting a Groomer - Advanced Grooming for Dog Shows - Grooming Problems&emdash;Fleas - Grooming Problems&emdash;Ticks

Chapter 7 - Showing (44 pages)

Introduction - How Shows Are Supposed To Work - How Championships are Supposed to Work - What's Wrong with the Show Fancy? - The Abnormal Psychology of Some Exhibitors

The CTCA Official Position on Dog Shows - Another Kind of Show: Canine Good Citizen; Obedience; Agility; Therapy Work

Chapter 8 - Diet (78 pages)

Most Dog Foods are More Grain than Meat - Science Diet brand, a Reasonable Choice - A Food for Every Need and Stage - Adult or Maintenance Formula - Lamb & Rice Formula - Active or High-Energy Formula - Lite Formula - Senior Formula - Prescription Diets - Why Not Ham or Fish? - Avoid Some Table Scraps! - Dry or Canned Food? - The Argument for Dry Food Mixed with Wet - When to Feed - How Much to Feed - Feed Only Fresh Foods - Insects and Dry Food - Natural ("Health") Foods for Your Coton - Preservatives and Cosmetic Adulterants - Quality and Contaminants - Food Allergies? - Prepare Your Own or Buy a Commercial Diet? - The Bottom Line on Natural vs. Commercial Foods - Prepare Your Coton's Diet at Home - The B.A.R.F. Diet - Problems on Switching Diets - The Importance of Clean, Safe Water - Obesity&emdash;a Serious Threat to Your Coton's Health - Obesity and Competition for Food - Obesity, Exercise, and Intestinal Health - Vitamin and Mineral Supplements - Treats, Chews and Bones - Kibble (Dog) Bones - Chews - Pig Ear Chews&emdash;a Hazard or Ideal Dental Exerciser? - Beef Pizzles - The Fussy Chewer - Foods and Ingestibles to Avoid - Pica - Table Scraps - Keep Your Coton Away from Toxins - Eating Problems: The Fussy Eater - Eating Problems: Coprophagy - Hands Off Approaches - Physiological Causes For Stool Eating? - What About Mad Cow Disease? - Conclusions: Recommendations for a Diet

Chapter 9 - Training (47 pages)

Why You Should Train Your Pup - Go To School - A Straightforward Environment for Training - Learning to Sit - Kennel and Toilet Training

Behavioral Problems: The Shy Coton - Hope Pashos on Shy Cotons - Separation Anxiety - Normal Aggression but Unrealistic Expectations - Unacceptable Aggression - Do Dogs Need Shrinks and Psycho-Drugs? - Don't Give Up

Chapter 10 - Health (144 pages)

Alternative Veterinary Medicine&emdash;Does it Work? - Emergency Care: First Aid - Build Your Own Medical Kit - Inherited Defects - Vaccine Intolerance in Cotons? - Acute Bacterial & Fungal Infections - Heartworm Prevention - Vomiting-a Common Symptom of Many Possible Problems - Diarrhea-a Common Symptom of Many Possible Problems - Vomiting & Diarrhea Diet Therapy - Urinary Tract Problems - Fecal Examinations - Common Intestinal Parasites of Dogs

The Skin: Mechanical Irritation; Larger Parasites; Smaller Parasites; Seborrhea; Old Age Warts (Papillomatosis)

The Blood Chemistry Panel: What it Tells

Endocrine Gland Disorders - Thyroid Disorders

Liver Diseases - Liver Disease&emdash;Supportive Therapy

Kidney Disease in Young Cotons

Cancers: Those noted in Cotons to Date

The Teeth: Deciduous and Permanent; Shedding or Removing Puppy Teeth; Periodontal Disease; Home & Veterinary Dental Care; Acute Dental Crises; Old Age

Eyes: Weeping; Cysts on the Eyelid; Cherry Eye; Corneal Scratches and Ulcers; Cataracts; Aging and Blindness; Cloudy Eyes, and Sensitivity to Sunlight

The Ears

Orthopedic Problems: the Back; the Limb Joint ; Luxating Patellas; Hip Joint Pain and Hip Dysplasia; Damaged Ligaments in the Knee Joint

Umbilical Hernia - Collapsing Trachea - Heart Disease - Geriatrics and the Stages of a Coton's Life - Euthanasia&emdash;A Final Act of Love - An Essay: Helping the Living Through the Observation of a Death

Chapter 11a - Genetics: a Primer (28 pages)

Introducing Genetics - The Alleles - Genotype and Phenotype - Determining Genotypes: an Exercise in Probabilities - Tall Cotons - Gene Interactions

Coton Genetics: The Sex Ratio of Cotons - Joint Angulation - Stocky versus Svelte? - Inheritance of Behavioral Traits - Smiling - Bipedal Walking - Licking - Personality

Chapter 11b - Genetics: Color in Cotons (42 pages)

Coloration in Cotons - We know less about color now than we did five years ago! - Color Genes in Cotons - The Color Phenotypes - The White Coton - The Depigmentation Problem in White Cotons - A Biochemical Theory of Color in Cotons - Melanin Blocking and Behavior

Cryptorchidism and White Cotons - The F.C.I.'s Contribution to Depigmentation in the Breed - Diet, Stress, Seasons, Age and Depigmentation - The Black and White Coton

The Tri-color Coton - Matings and the Color of Puppies

Chapter 11c - Genetics: Defects, Inbreeding & the Future (123 pages)

Introduction to Genetic Defects - Tests for Your Coton

1. Dental & Occlusion Disorders - 2. Skeletal & Structural Defects - 3. Organ Disorders - 4. Metabolic Disorders - 5. Cardiac Defects - 6. Reproductive Disorders - 7. Nervous System Disorders (excluding eyes) - 8. Eye Disorders - 9. Behavioral Genetics: Understanding Aggression - 10. Immune System Disorders - 11. Congenital Defects

Understanding Inbreeding - Inbreeding Defined - Good Inbreeding - Bad Inbreeding - Calculating the Degree of Inbreeding - SHORTCUT: Common Coefficients of Inbreeding - Inbreeding: Good and Bad Coton Matings - Genetic Tips for Coton Breeders - The Genetic State of the Coton de Tulear - Breed Management in the Future - Tightening the CTCA Registry - Towards an Open Registry - PHASE 1 - Gather & Publish Information - PHASE 2 - Create Gene Database - Genetic Triage - PHASE 3 & 4 - CTCA Database Opened Wider

Chapter 12 - Breeding (30 pages)

First Read and Ask Questions - Choosing Mates - Estrus (Heat) - Pregnancy - Parturition (Whelping or Delivery) - Puppy Development - Critical Periods in a Pup's Development - The Sale and Departure of the Pups

Chapter 13 - The Future (13 pages)

Exponential Growth - Overbreeding Could Destroy the Coton de Tulear - Would AKC Recognition Be Good for the Breed? - The Pitfalls of Seeking AKC Recognition - Will the Coton de Tulear "Go AKC"?

Chapter 14 - References (107 pages)

Coton Books - Coton Newsletters - Cotons on TV - The Coton in All-Breed Dog Books - General Canine References - Coton Books - Coton Newsletters - Cotons on TV - The Coton in All-Breed Dog Books - General Canine References (Chapters 2 & 3) - Acquiring, Homing, Socializing & Training Your Puppy (Basics, Ch. 2) - Rescue (Chapters 2, Basics, & 4, History) - History (Chapter 4) - Grooming (Chapter 6) - Showing (Chapter 7) - Diet (Chapter 8) - Behavior & Training (Chapter 9) - Health Care (Chapter 10) - Genetics (Chapter 11) - Breeding (Chapter 12) - Useful U.S. Periodicals

Appendix A - Coton Parties (46 pages)

Appendix B - Names of CTCA registered Cotons (21 pages)

Appendix C - The French Coton Standard (13 pages)

Appendix D - The CTCA's Health Test (8 pages)

Appendix E - The CTCA's Code of Ethics (15 pages)

... 1,099 pages of Coton-specific information a mouse click away!


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