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AGGRESSION in Coton Puppies

What your breeder should know beforebreeding.

What you need to know before you buy...


Some TEMPERAMENTCONSIDERATIONS... Since 1996, a growing number ofaggressive Cotons have been reported. Also, some Cotons may not dowell with small children, but will prove wonderful companions.Please check with your breeder to determinethe temperament history of his/her bloodlines. If abreeder has little knowledge of the bloodlines of the parents ofhis/her puppies, you may want to make further inquiries into theirheritage. If a breeder is evasive on this or any other issue, it istime to find another breeder. We have learned that someexhibitor/breeders who have and/or who produce aggressive Cotons (notwith the CTCA) are spreading stories that Cotons are "naturally"bitey and aggressive. These are dangerous lies.

We recommend that you DEMAND a written guaranteefrom your breeder that your full purchase price will be refundedshould your Coton be diagnosed with genetic idiopathic aggressionwithin 12 and preferably 18 months of your purchase.

Note: ALL dogs of ANY breed can be territorial andprotective, so ALL dogs should be socialized as a pup andtrained as a juvenile. In general, a Coton de Tulear may beslightly reserved and may bark at the approach of strangers,but they are characteristically unaggressive andlaid-back. Inappropriate aggression directed towards other dogs ordirected towards people may be related and are most likely genetic.

If you have a Coton and are seeing behavior in your Coton thattroubles you in any way, please let your breeder know! The CTCA isconducting an investigation of Coton temperament. If you'd like tohelp us, drop us a

For an in depth, understandable explanation of exactly whataggression is (behaviorally, genetically and what to do about it),please refer to the "The Official Coton de Tulear Book, 2ndEdition" CD Rom, available from the CTCA; to learn more, pleaseclick here.

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